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Welcome to the realm of Psychoeducation with Jemma Wilkinson, a seasoned and dedicated facilitator committed to providing informative and transformative learning experiences. Whether working with individuals, groups, or companies worldwide, Jemma brings her wealth of expertise and passion for mental health to every psychoeducation session.

Psychoeducation Focus:

As a Psychoeducation Facilitator, Jemma's primary goal is to empower individuals and organizations with knowledge and skills related to mental health, well-being, and personal development.

Key Areas of Psychoeducation:

1. Mental Health Awareness:

Learn about various mental health conditions, understand stigma, and explore strategies for maintaining mental well-being.

2. Stress Management:

Discover effective stress reduction techniques and coping mechanisms to enhance resilience in both personal and professional life.

3. Work/Life Balance:

Explore strategies for achieving a healthy balance between work and personal life, fostering overall well-being.

4. Building Resilience:

Develop skills to bounce back from adversity, navigate life's challenges, and cultivate emotional resilience.

5. Effective Communication:

Enhance interpersonal skills, foster positive relationships, and improve communication in both personal and professional spheres.

1. LGBTQIA+ Awareness Workshop (3 hours)


Topics Covered:

  • Exploring Gender and Sexual Identity:

    • Understanding the diverse spectrum of gender and sexual identities.

  • Pronouns and Their Importance:

    • Exploring the significance of pronouns at both work and home environments.

  • Understanding the LGBTQIA+ Acronym:

    • A comprehensive look at what LGBTQIA+ represents.

  • Stigma and Mental Health:

    • Discussing the impact of stigma on mental health within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Key Takeaways:

  • Increased awareness of gender and sexual diversity.

  • Understanding the importance of inclusive language.

  • Insight into the challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community.


2. LGBTQIA+ for Clinical Practitioners (2 hours)

Topics Explored:

  • Real Facts about LGBTQIA+:

    • Dispelling myths and presenting accurate information.

  • Gender, Sex, and Relationship Diversity (GSRD):

    • In-depth exploration of gender, relationship diversity, and sexuality.

  • BDSM and Safeguarding:

    • Understanding BDSM practices and ensuring client safety.

  • Queer Supervision:

    • Addressing unique aspects of supervision within the LGBTQIA+ context.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Enhanced understanding of LGBTQIA+ terminology.

  • Practical insights for clinical practitioners.

  • Sensitivity to diverse gender, sex, and relationship experiences.


3. Working with Psychosis Workshop (6 hours)

Content Covered:

  • Psychosis Umbrella:

    • Comprehensive overview of conditions falling under psychosis.

  • Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment:

    • Understanding the intricacies of psychosis, its causes, and available treatments.

  • CBTp (CBT for Psychosis):

    • Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis.

  • Safeguarding and Stigma:

    • Ensuring client safety and addressing societal stigma.

  • Self-Care:

    • Strategies for maintaining mental well-being while working with psychosis.

Practical Case Study:

  • Analyzing a real-world case to apply theoretical knowledge.

Workshop Benefits:

  • In-depth knowledge of psychosis and its treatment.

  • Practical tools for clinical practitioners.

  • Awareness of self-care strategies in demanding roles.


4. Women and ADHD Workshop (2 hours)

Topics Explored:

  • Understanding ADHD:

  • A comprehensive overview of ADHD and its manifestations.

  • ADHD in Women (or AFAB):

  • Discussing why ADHD can present differently in women or individuals assigned female at birth.

  • The Mask We Wear:

  • Exploring coping mechanisms and the 'mask' that women with ADHD often adopt.

  • Impact of Late Diagnosis:

  • Addressing the challenges and consequences of receiving a late ADHD diagnosis.

  • The Unexpected Grief:

  • Recognizing and processing the unexpected grief that may accompany an ADHD diagnosis.

Key Insights:

  • Increased awareness of ADHD in women.

  • Understanding the emotional impact of late diagnosis.

  • Recognizing and addressing the unique challenges faced by women with ADHD.


5. What is Therapy? Workshop (1 hour)

Exploration Includes:

  • Defining Therapy:

  • An exploration of the concept of therapy and its purpose.

  • How and Why Does it Help?

  • Understanding the mechanisms behind the therapeutic process.

  • Choosing the Right Therapist:

  • Guidance on how to determine if a therapist is the right fit for an individual.

  • Therapy and Stigma:

  • Addressing societal perceptions and stigma surrounding therapy.

  • Expectations in Therapy:

  • What individuals can expect during therapy sessions.

  • Takeaways:

  • Clear understanding of the therapeutic process.

  • Insights into the role of therapy in mental health.

  • Guidance on selecting an appropriate therapist.

  • 6. Grief Explained Workshop (1 hour)

  • Content Covered:

  • Stages of Grief:

  • An exploration of the stages individuals go through during the grieving process.

  • Feeling Alone:

  • Addressing the common feeling of isolation that accompanies grief.

  • Anxiety and Grief:

  • Understanding the relationship between grief and anxiety.

  • Self-Care in Grief:

  • Practical strategies for self-care during the grieving process.

  • Workshop Benefits:

  • Understanding the emotional journey of grief.

  • Tools for managing anxiety related to grief.

  • Insights into the importance of self-care during times of loss.


Contact Jemma Wilkinson:

Ready to delve into these important topics? Contact Jemma Wilkinson to discuss workshop details, schedules, and registration.

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