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LGBTQIA+ Workshop (3 hours)
Exploring gender and sexual identity,
Pronouns and why they are important (both at work and home)
What the LGBTQIA+ acronym actually means,
Stigma and the impact on mental health,

LGBTQIA+ (For clinical practitioners) (3 hours)
Exploring the impact of stigma
How to work with same sex couples
Safeguarding, ethics and consent
The fear of not "getting it"
The Queer 7-eyed model of supervision

How to work with Psychosis (for clinical practitioners) (6 hours)
What is under the Psychosis Umbrella?
Symptoms, Causes and treatment,
Medications and their impact on our clients,
Case study
What is CBTp (CBT for Psychosis)?,

Let's talk women and ADHD (2 hours)
What is ADHD,
Why it presents differently in women (or AFAB),
The mask we wear,
The impact of late diagnosis,
The unexpected grief.

What is Therapy? ( 1hour)
What is therapy?
How and why does it help?
Is this the right therapist for me?
Therapy and stigma,
What can I expect?


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