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Are you a mental health professional seeking expert guidance and support in your clinical practice? Jemma Wilkinson, a Level 7 Advanced Diploma Clinical Supervisor, offers specialized supervision services, including proficiency in the Queer 7-Eyed Model, Hawkins & Shohet 7-Eyed Model, and the Petruska Clarkson Relationship Model.

About Jemma Wilkinson, Level 7 Advanced Diploma Clinical Supervisor

Jemma rings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as a Clinical Supervisor. With a Level 7 Advanced Diploma and a commitment to inclusive and affirming practices, Jemma specializes in providing comprehensive clinical supervision to professionals working with adults, young people, and children.

Supervision Models:

1. Queer 7-Eyed Model: Jemma is well-versed in the Queer 7-Eyed Model, offering a culturally sensitive and affirmative approach to supervision. This model recognizes the unique experiences of the LGBTQIA+ community, ensuring an inclusive and understanding supervisory space.

2. Hawkins & Shohet 7-Eyed Model: Utilising the Hawkins & Shohet 7-Eyed Model, Jemma provides a holistic framework for supervision. This model explores not only the client's issues but also the dynamics between supervisor and supervisee, enhancing self-awareness and professional growth.

3. Petruska Clarkson Relationship Model: Jemma integrates the Petruska Clarkson Relationship Model into her supervision practice, emphasizing the importance of the supervisory relationship. This model facilitates a deep exploration of the dynamics between supervisor and supervisee, contributing to a strong foundation for professional development.

Jemma is equipped to work with supervisees trained or training in both adults, young people, and children, offering tailored support to meet the unique challenges and nuances of these diverse age groups.

Supervision Fees:

  • Individual Sessions: £60 per 1-hour session

  • Group Sessions: Fees for group sessions are flexible and can be discussed based on the size and specific needs of the group.

Contact Information:

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