A Trusted Partner

I am a Trusted Partner of The Modern Family Law Company.

Here is some information on their services:

'The Modern Family law company are a specialist family creation and Children Law practice. We are unlike ‘traditional’ law firms, as we have personal experience of family creation, living in modern families and the process of parental disputes. 

We understand the absolute importance of supporting our clients mental health and wellbeing needs, alongside their legal requirements.  For this reason we have a network of Trusted Partners, specialising in mental health and well being services, who are on hand to support and empower you, so that you have the resilience you and your family need to be successful on whatever legal journey you embark upon.  

The service you receive from the Modern Family Law Company is holistic, we are not just available 9-5, we fit in around you and your family’s needs.  We have tailored our service to offer our clients meetings at times and in ways that give them the best combination of flexibility and accessibility. 

We provide the highest possible standards of cutting edge legal advice 100% remotely. This means that if you wish you can meet with our team safely and securely, from the comfort of your own home, in your car (please be ‘hands free’ and safe), or even at the beach on holiday, at a time that best suits you, utilising your smart phone, tablet or laptop. We can offer meetings on any of the online platforms, including via Zoom, Teams, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp calls plus, of course, the telephone!' 


However if you do wish to meet in person, we can do that too.

We understand how precious your family is, and we will always be there to help.


Contact us for a free consultation here

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